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Here Comes Winter…

We were supposed to get rain this afternoon, but when I looked out the window at around 2pm I could see huge white snowflakes falling from the sky…  They were heavy, like lots of little snowflakes stuck together — and mixed with rain.  Ugh.

I came home and checked the weather forecast.  The weather these next few days is not going to be fun…  We’re expecting low temperatures Friday night of 10 or 11 degrees.  This is the kind of cold that breaks all of the automatic waterers and the hose fittings.  B will drain all of the water lines tomorrow, and we’ll begin hauling water as part of evening chores.

Bah.  Winter has begun.

Happy New Year!

In October of this past year, I took a challenge to write a paragraph each day describing the things that happen on our farm…  It was my first writing gig for a magazine, and I learned a LOT.  I managed to complete the challenge, but it took me until mid-December to finish.

I did learn through the experience, however…  And I realized how very much I am missing because I don’t keep daily notes.  Because of this, I am going to try to develop the discipline of writing in 2014.  I will aim for just a paragraph or two each day.  We’ll see where this leads…

Happy 2014!