Talk About Our Turkeys!

Below is a collection of notes we have received in the weeks following Thanksgiving… It is encouragement like this that keeps us going, year after year. Thank YOU for being such great customers.


Hi Patti Lou,
Just have to let you know that our turkey was fabulous! Thanks to you and Bill for raising such lovely birds! We are so delighted to support your farm. The cooler method worked like a charm to thaw my bird. [Our daughter] dubbed it “Big Bird” since it was SO big!

Happy Thanksgiving!

C and family


Patti Lou,

Your miniature white made our Thanksgiving meal a huge hit. J’s mother loved it, and she’s pretty particular, and our son-in-law, whose mother was a chef, said it was the best turkey he’s ever had. Of course, J and I loved it, as well.

We followed your buttermilk brining recipe (mostly), but an unexpected visit took away the option for full-blown slow cooking. We muddled through as best we could, and it was wonderful. Congratulations, and thanks.

D and J


Hi Patti Lou and Bill,

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the DELICIOUS bird that filled the happy bellies of everyone at our Thanksgiving table yesterday. I brined it in a orange-spice brine for about 48 hours, roasted it with a maple-butter glaze, and it turned out to be absolutely divine.

364 days to go and counting until next year!

Thanks again for your hard work,

J and family


The turkey was delicious roasted au natural! I just made a pot pie and those bones are simmering to provide a fine broth for future use. Loved it!



My brother who offered to fry it couldn’t make it so they both got the traditional treatment in the oven…and they were fantastic! My sister in law remarked at how little fat there was when making the gravy and it had so much flavor we didn’t need to add much in the way of spices/salt etc. Thanks for a great couple turkeys. We have lots of leftovers in the freezer and about 6-7 quarts of turkey stock from the carcassess. It’ll be a real treat in the cold winter months ahead! Thank you!!! Hope your holiday was very restful after all that work you both did.



Hello Patti Lou and Bill,

I’ll probably see you Saturday, but I wanted to let you know that the 19 lb. turkey I purchased from you for Thanksgiving was the best I’ve ever cooked. I used the apple cider brine and followed your “low and slow” recommendation, cooking it at 200 degrees for about 11 hours before I turned up the heat a little to brown it. I was concerned that it didn’t seem to be doing much after 5 hours, but I trusted you and it was perfect. Thank you so much for all the work you do raising the birds and for taking the time to send the directions to cook it. I’ll definitely be in touch the next time I’m responsible for cooking for a holiday. But for now, I’m still enjoying turkey soup and have sliced turkey in the freezer!

Many thanks,


Patti Lou,
Thank you for our Thankgiving turkey! It was delicious!

A satisfied customer!


Hello Tall Cotton Farm!
Just wanted to let you know that your Midget White (which was 18lbs-midget?) was absolutely amazing!! I cooked it exactly as you suggested using the buttermilk brine. On the inside and outside I slathered olive oil, lemon juice, fresh rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper–cooked it the whole slow 10 hours with regular bastings of olive oil. I have to say it far surpassed any turkey I’ve ever cooked. I’ve done the brine from Clifton Inn in the past. It was also great but not comparable to yours. Thank you again for raising a great feast and sharing great recipes.



Hi Patti Lou –
WE LOVED our thanksgiving turkey! It was the best turkey we’ve ever had. Thank you so much.
[We] would like to reserve one of your turkeys for Christmas. Can you do that?


Just wanted to say thank you for the Thanksgiving turkey! It was wonderful and we were very pleased. Hope to see you at one of the upcoming Farmer’s Markets.



Patty Lou,

I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our little turkey from you. It was a 9 lb bourbon red. I fixed it the same way my dad always did with his stuffing “recipe” with a few tweaks and I must say – It was the best I’ve ever made. We really enjoyed it. We have a little bit left I made into curried Turkey salad and I even attempted my first turkey carcass soup. It was wonderful!
So thank you very much. We really enjoyed it.
Please count me in for next yr!!
And thank you for forwarding the buttermilk brine recipe. I’ll try that in the near future.

Have a wonderful holiday season and thanks again!!



I bought one of Arlen’s turkeys, followed your recipe for the brine, followed your slow and low recipe for the roasting, modified only by using my grandmother’s old turkey roasting pot instead of putting it on a draining pan.

It was the best turkey I can remember, whether cooked in a restaurant, at home, at someone else’s house, anywhere. It was fabulous. The herb rub was key. I’ve been thinking about doing another one just because. Amazing!


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