Beef Quarter Information

How much beef can I expect to receive if I order a Quarter, Half, or Whole? 
Individual animals will vary, but our beeves are smaller than the commercial standard.  The live weight of our animals is approximately 800-1000 lbs, which will yield a hanging weight of around 400-600 lbs.  Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after slaughter, but before dressing.  The hanging weight does not include the head, hide, or innards.

What we call a Quarter is really a “split half.”   It is not a geographical quarter, but a side (both front and rear quarters) equally divided, with a selection of cuts from all of the sections.  An animal with a hanging weight of 500 lbs will yield about 70-85lbs of finished beef per Quarter, depending on the processing.  (The more bones that are removed, the less the weight in finished beef…)

What will it cost? 

The beeves currently available have already been processed.  The hanging weights for the three halves currently available are as follows:  266 lbs, 219 lbs, and 216 lbs.  For quarters, we’ll calculate on ½ the weight of the hanging side.    Gore’s – our processing house – has already divided the halves into quarters for us.

Because these beeves have already been processed, we’ll be calculating the sale as $4/lb on hanging weight. (This means half of the largest side will cost 133 x $4 = $532 total.)  This price INCLUDES the slaughter fee of $60 per animal, and the price of $.75 per pound for processing and packaging.  All of the beef this time is vacuum packed in clear plastic packaging.  The beef has been USDA inspected, and each piece is weighed and labeled.

How much freezer space will I need to store my beef? 

A Quarter of beef requires approximately 3-4 cubic feet of freezer space, or two average sized shelves.  A Whole beef requires a space of approximately 2’x4’x2’, or 12-16 cubic feet of freezer space.

How were these beeves processed? 

We followed our standard cut sheet for these beeves.  I inventoried the smallest quarter – which came from the 216 lb (hanging weight) half, and this is what it contained:

1 arm roast
1 brisket
4 chuck roasts
2 cube steak packages
1 eye of round roast
1 flank steak
1 loin tip roast
2 london broils
2 porterhouse steak packages
3 rib steak packages
1 rump roast
5 packages of shank
2 packages of short ribs
3 sirloin steaks
2 packages of soup bones
4 packages of stew beef
2 packages of t-bone steak
21 packages of ground beef (1 lb each)

Total weight of this Quarter (without heart, liver, tongue) was 69.9 lbs finished weight.

Total cost of this Quarter (without heart, liver, or tongue) when priced for sale individually came to $556.73.  Total price for the Quarter (108 lbs x $4/lb) sold bulk = $432.  That’s a savings of $124.73 – or about 30%.

Roasts are cut into a 2-3 lb size on average.  Steaks are bone-in, 1 inch thick, and packed 2 per package.  There will be a brisket and a flank for each quarter, but they are small because they are half-size.  Top round is cut as London Broil and bottom round is made into Cube Steaks.  Half of the shank was put in to ground beef.

There is also one heart, one tongue, and several packages of liver available for each beeve.  If you are interested in these, let me know.  They’ll go to the first buyer who asks.

All beef is dry-aged 21 days.
If you are interested in obtaining one of the quarters we have available, please let me know which size Quarter you prefer and we’ll work out a time to deliver it to you.   The following Quarter sizes are available:  133 lbs, 109.5 lbs, and 108 lbs.  Costs will be $532, $438, and $432 respectively.