We currently raise three types of meat chickens: Cornish Rock Cross, Pollo Rosso (an Italian slow growing meat bird), and a slow growing Cornish that is not a hybrid.

A standard Cornish Rock Cross is a round bird with white feathers that grows out in 8-9 weeks (although we’ve harvested as early as 7 weeks.) As these birds get older, they exercise less — choosing to hang out around the feeders. They have short legs and double breasts, hence less dark meat and more white meat. This is the same breed of bird that commercial growers use and is what is sold in the grocery store…

The Pollo Rosso are a slow-growing red Italian meat bird. Instead of 8 weeks, these birds are harvested at 12-16 weeks. (Almost double the time it takes to raise the Cornish Rock Cross.) These birds exercise more, forage more, and overall they consume less grain than their white fast-growing counterparts. They are a leaner bird with a richer, deeper flavor. They have long legs and smaller breasts, hence more dark meat and less white meat.

The slow growing Cornish (Rock) is a beautiful white bird. These birds grow tall and lean, with a slighly larger breast than the Italian meat birds — but not double-breasted like the Cornish Rock Cross. So far, we’ve only grown one batch of these birds, and we harvested them at 16 weeks.

Our birds are humanely raised on pasture with mobile shelters. They have access to green grass, bugs and slugs, and sunshine…

They receive a custom ration of grain we mix here on the farm.  Their vegetarian feed contains corn, roasted soybeans, oats, alfalfa, organic kelp and Fertrell’s Nutri-balancer (an organic supplement which contains kelp meal, probiotics, and minerals). The Fertrell contains probiotics to aid them in digestion of the soybeans.  We choose local grains whenever possible.

Our feed does NOT contain fishmeal or any animal by-products. Our feed contains NO ANTIBIOTICS.

Here’s a slideshow of our various flocks.
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