Our pigs are a Tamworth-Razorback cross. We raise them 4 at a time, and they are given plenty of back rubs and attention. (Who knew pigs could be so much FUN?)

The pigs are free to roam the pasture and the edge of the woods, eating their fill of grass, roots, and any other goodies they can find. In addition, each day the pigs receive a custom ration of grain mixed here on the farm.

Their vegetarian feed contains corn, roasted soybeans, oats, alfalfa, organic kelp and Fertrell’s Nutri-balancer (an organic supplement which contains kelp meal, probiotics, and minerals).

Our feed does NOT contain any animal by-products.  Our feed contains NO ANTIBIOTICS.

They also consume plenty of apples, melons, bananas, and Trager Brothers Coffee grounds (which they steal from the compost pile!)

Here is a slideshow of this year’s pigs.
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