We began our cow herd in 1996.

Our herd originally consisted of 4 cows that were Hereford/Devon cross (Elizabeth, Louise, Grace, and Kelly) and a Black Angus bull named Otis. Over time, we added a number of Black Angus cows and a few British White crosses. A few years ago, we kept finding a neighbor’s Charolais bull in our herd, and so we now also have a few Charolais crosses…

Our beef is grass fed and finished. We do not supplement with grain to make our animals grow faster. We do not give additional hormones or admisiter low level antibiotics. We do not feed our cows any animal by-products.

We use a rotational grazing method, and the grass our animals consume is supplemented with organic minerals and mineral blocks. In the winter, we feed hay.

Here are some photos of our cows throughout the years…
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