Laying Hens

We began our laying flock around 1999. (Neither of us remember which year, exactly.) We began with three traditional breeds: Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, and Black Austrolorps. These three breeds still make up the majority of our flock today, although we do have a few sex-links now also…

Our hens receive a custom ration of grain we mix here on the farm.  Their vegetarian feed contains corn, roasted soybeans, oats, alfalfa, organic kelp and Fertrell’s Nutri-balancer (an organic supplement which contains kelp meal, probiotics, and minerals). The Fertrell contains probiotics to aid them in digestion of the soybeans.  We choose local grains whenever possible.

Our feed does NOT contain fishmeal or any animal by-products. Our feed contains NO ANTIBIOTICS.

Most farmers retire their laying hens after 2-3 years. We have never done this. We still have hens from our first flock, and every flock along the way…

Our laying hens work hard for us, and supply us with beautiful brown eggs. They are welcome to live out their lives on our farm.

My husband likes to say that “a meat bird is a meat bird, but laying hens are family…”

Here are a few pictures of our laying flock.
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