About Us

Tall Cotton Farm is just the two of us: Bill and Patti Lou. Everything that is done on the farm is done by one of us!

Bill is the full-time farmer.

Patti Lou is employed full-time as a hospital laboratory computer analyst. She farms mornings, evenings, and weekends.

We began farming with 4 cows and a dream in 1996. We added laying hens in 2000, meat birds in 2005, and turkeys and pigs in 2008. And we’re still dreaming. We love what we do!

Our goal is to produce nutritious food using sustainable methods while improving the soil. We constantly strive to improve our farming techniques. We are serious about what we do, as we are aware that we are stewards of the land we use and of the animals that God has given us.

  • Deb:

    Patti Lou! You have been missed my friend! How are things over your way. Love what you’ve done with the website and your business / farm. Please give my regards to Billy. Would love to reconnect with you Patti Lou. It’s been years.

  • I sent you an email, hope you and Billy are well. email me back as I have missed you and your wonderful chicken, beef and turkeys!


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